Questions to answer

  • Why are we socializing with each other?
  • How important are common interests when people are socializing?
  • What are the keys to socializing successfully with strangers?
  • How do we spark up conversations between two strangers who are not good at socializing?

I want to start with learning what…

My research plan for preliminary exploration will investigate the scientific researches on social interaction to understand the nature of social from a theoretical point of view. I will also conduct interviews with target users to understand their thoughts to make the final design more in line with their needs. …

In the 51st century BC, the oldest media took place when people copied letters and documents on papyrus scrolls, wrote their comments, and shared them with others. As some breakthroughs happened in printing technology, people relied on books and brochures to communicate. During that time, there was another kind of…

Wenxiao Wang

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